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March 13, 2008

Inspired by a true story

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The Big Annoucement

March 10, 2008

Not sure whether this is a big announcement or not, but I’m putting it out there after quite a bit of thought and preparation so here it is.

I’m changing my blog site to my new self-hosted site called
I’ve been working on it for the last two weeks and think it’s ready to be viewed by you and used by me.  It should be easier to find my blog since a handful of people a day find my blog by searching for marty holman or pastormarty anyways.  So as of today, I will no longer be posting on, although I’m using wordpress software for the hosting.  I’d love to hear your comments on what you think about the site, and you can subscribe to the site just like you might have here.

Anyways, enough of the shameless plugs.  See you there!

Until next time…

A Great Post

March 7, 2008

Here is a great post from Brody (who’s not on my blogroll by the way) that you’ll want to check out.  Really good stuff.

Your ten next songs

March 7, 2008

I got this idea from  here.  So let’s have it.  If you have an iPod or iTunes or any kind of MP3 player – press the ‘random play’ function and let me know the first 10 songs that it plays… Its a really fun game!! I’ll do it first:

10.  Stars – Larue
9.    Tenderness – All Star United
8.    Undo me – Jennifer Knapp
7.    Gravity – John Mayer Trio
6.    Freedom – Nicole C Mullen
5.    Breathing Air Again – Robbie Seay Band
4.    Reasons – Bleach
3.    Father’s World – The OC Supertones
2.    Bubbly – Colbie Caillet
1.    Let you down – Three Days Grace

Ok, your turn.  What’s your next ten?


Until next time…

The 6th man

March 6, 2008

I received news yesterday that has really got me thinking. Please allow me to elaborate.

Before I go into my news, let me just say that one of the things that really inspires me is the 6th man.  For those of you who are not big sports fans, the 6th man is the basketball term for the man or woman who does not start, and is not necessarily the biggest “star player” on the team, but they frequently come in and assert their importance in the way they play their role.  That role may be a 3 pointer, or rebounding, or blocked shots, or even scoring field goals (not through the uprights), but there is no doubt that they a)make a huge impact and b)are in the game for a very specific task.

Some examples of great 6th men are Kevin McHale, Bill Walton, Dennis Rodman (pre-skirt days), Leandro Barbosa, and others who I will no doubt be chastised for forgetting.

So yesterday I received some news that a close friend of my family had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  His name is Bob.  Bob lives in Fremont, Ohio. 

Bob is an amazing guy who always has a smile on his face.  Bob and his wife Judy helped out in the youth group at our church growing up.  They were not the youth pastors, but their impact was widespread.  They invited teens into their home and let them play and eat and hang out and be kids, and never asked anything of them.

If you needed to talk, Bob was there.
If you needed a hand fixing your new “used” red Pontiac 1000 (honestly, it wasn’t a chevette), Bob was there.
If you needed a ride when the 1000 broke down, Bob was there.
If the youth group needed a place to hang out and play games, Bob was there.
If the youth pastor needed a task to be done, there was no doubt that Bob was there.  Probably smiling.

Bob was never the star, but he was always accomplishing his role – the task God had given him to accomplish in his life during that time.  It was a great lesson for the son of a pastor in a small town in Ohio who would eventually become a pastor himself, but not before sitting in an assistant position for 10 years.  It was a great lesson for me.

Not everyone is the “star”, but the truly special people of this world are the ones who are not, yet shine brighter than everyone else.  This story reminds me of a story that Buddy told about a “6th man” in his church in New York.

Who has been an example of the stellar “6th” man in your life?

Until next time…

Super Powers

March 5, 2008

   I’m off to my phone booth

 Two things I like:  Movies and TV shows filmed from different angles and viewpoints (Vantage Point & Crash) and movies and shows about men and women who have travelled this world immortally through generation and generations (Highlander & New Amsterdam).  Included in this list are movies and TV shows where someone’s super powers are the central theme of the show (Smallville & Spiderman & every other Marvel comic movie)

I’ve been thinking about why I & so many others like these projects so much, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion.  We enjoy playing God.  And these types of media are like the apple hanging from the tree, and it’s just out of our reach.  But at least we can watch.

Currently, the only person I know for sure that has the power to travel through time or to be everywhere at once or to climb tall buildings (should he choose to) is God, and it’s no secret that most of us envy, not only his position, but his abilities to “do whatever he wants.”

And we cannot.  But we wish we could.

So there’s this incredible tension that exists inside of us that cannot be quenched by the climax of a two hour flick at the theater down the street with overpriced food or the cliffhanger of 41 minutes of an episide of Lost.  The tension leaves the theater or the couch with us and stays in our minds, wishing that we too could “jump” from Main street to a Wall Street bank or that a plane crash survival was possible because being “lost” on a deserted island with Jack, Kate, or Sawyer couldn’t be all bad, right?

The only thing I know for sure is this:  That humankind, if given the opportunity for any of these types of God-like gifts, would more than likely ruin itself altogether if we had them.  Look what we’ve done with what we have.

This has been a thought I’ve had for “Watercooler Wednesday”  with Randy Elrod.

Until next time…

Dear Ryan Seacrest,

You are a machine.  The world knows that you are a host that talks eloquently and straightforward, and never lets anything frustrate you, but you need to remember something.  Yes, you do work with a guy that believes that everyone is a “dog” and that the beginning of every song stinks, but it gets better as time goes on.  And you do work with a woman who is as normal as Michael Jackson on mushrooms and sports the vocabulary of my 6 year old nephew.  Not to mention a grumpy, mean talent finder.

But your problem is that that grumpy, mean talent finder is your boss.  He’s the guy who made you, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, and even William Hung very famous, and a whole lot of money.

So why do you constantly crack on the guy? Like tonight, when you rapped on him about his lack of intimacy and a few other blunders, is this a ploy to get more ratings, to get more laughs, or to get more people to like you better than him?  I can only guess that Simon’s talented mind has put you and Randy and Paula up to cracking on him throughout the show in order to create conflict, because the truth is, there is no doubt, that none of you would be anywhere near as popular as you are, if it were not for Simon Cowell.

Constantly my friends rant about how horrible he is to people and how tactless he is, and I wonder if they have seen how their fave celebs will be treated and criticized and used up by the media.  Is Simon really so bad, or is he really the only one preparing them for what their future may be anyway?

So Mr. Secrest, before you lay your head down on your pillow tonight, I think you should either pick up your telephone and call Simon right now, apologizing to him for mistreating him if you did it on your own, or thanking him for giving you a chance you may never have gotten, if he put you up to the “Simon Slams.”  Either way, American Idol would be another faded, washed up reality show without him.


Marty Holman

p.s.  I voted for David Cook tonight