When Rick Warren talked to me.

October 9, 2007

Last week, my cousin hooked me up with tickets to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Ga.  Basically it went like this – I left on Wed. Morning to the Pease International Airport in Portsmouth, NH (1.2 hours), landed in Columbus, OH, where Tim picked me up at the airport, and we drove to Atlanta(8 hours).  We had a great time and at the end of it, I felt like everything that was talked about was for me.  Don’t you love it when God decides to work like that?!

One of my favorite messages was from a pastor that I respect a lot, but I just don’t think of him as a speaker who I’m flying across the country (or driving) to go ear.  This man, however  knocked my socks off as he spoke.  His words were powerful and ordained.  I’d like to share with you his message using his notes and quotes that I got written down. It was so good, I didn’t write everything fast enough as I was enamored by what he was saying.  The man’s name is Rick Warren, and he’s best known for the books, “The Purpose Driven Life” and “the Purpose Driven Church”.  Here’s his message:

“If you want God’s blessing on your life, you have to get on God’s agenda”

“Some people would rather be cool than effective.”

God’s Agenda = The Kingdom of God

“The Kingdom of God is whereve Jesus is King.”

“The church should be multicultural.  It is made up of God’s people for God’s purposes, on God’s planet to fulfull God’s glory.”

The church – The bride of Christ

“In the last 50 years, th arms and feet of Jesus have been amputated, and all that’s left is the mouth.  Imagine if someone said to you, ‘I like you, I just can’t stand your wife.'”

“In Ephesians, Christ died for the church.”

“The church is cultural – so start to create cuture!”

Exodus 4 – Moses and the staff that turns into a serpant

“When God asks you a question, it’s never for His benefit, and when He does a miracle, it’s never to show off.”

“So why this story?”

“1.  The staff represents Moses’ identity. (he was a shephard)

2. The staff represents Moses’ income.

3.  The staff represents his Influence.”

“So God says to Moses,’Moses, if you surrender your staff, I will make it come alive.'”

“After this, it was never referred to in the Bible as Moses’ staff, but the Rod of God.”

“So what do you have in your hand that you’re not letting go of?”

2 questions God will later ask us:

1.  “What did you do with Jesus?”

2.  “What did you do with what I gave you?”

Anyway, that was Rick Warren’s thoughts. I found it to be incredible and I know it was a part of the experience so you might not find the words so amazing, but maybe you can get something out of the notes. 

Until next time…


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