The weekends over, but…

October 15, 2007

This morning (Monday morning), I am hanging out with my wife Carie as she took a day off from teaching teenagers Spanish.  So we’re going to accomplish a lot today!  You see, in about 4 weeks, we’re going to be moving into new house.  It’s very close to out present apartment, but its a new house, and we’re kind of excited about that. 
So today we’ll be organizing stuff and throwing away stuff and probably even shopping for furniture.  So I’ll be a busy bee on a day when I usually just chill and write and think.
Yesterday’s services at Fellowship were incredible!  There was a lot going on, and 5 people were baptized, and the parking lot was absolutely full!  People were parking on the grass!  Now thats what I’m talking about.  You can check out the service and the talk I gave here:
After the service Carie and I attended two baptism parties and enjoyed meeting and talking to a lot of new people.  But at the end of it, I was tired!!!  This might be because I kept my leadership team up till midnight on Saturday night.  Good thinking Marty. 
I have to go now and continue the rest of my day with my awesome wife. I’m pretty sure she just made me eggs.  Truly a good day!

Until next time…


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