Death March for a Cell Phone

October 16, 2007

The loss of a cell phone reminds us of a lot of things, among them being that we do get addicted to the habit of something being connected to my ear.  Also that we have a lot of people we could be talking to, whether it be family or friends, that we could just call at a moments notice, but rarely do we think to do so, until we lose our cell phones, or somehow it gets broken.

Enter my latest problem with my cell.  For some reason everytime I finish a call or send a text, my phone freezes and I can’t use it until someone else calls me or I get another text.  Until then it stays frozen.  Now I can receive any number of calls or texts, but I can’t make any.  This presents a problem, because there’s a few calls I need to make.

Like my friend Jay, who needs to know immediately that we must get back to the gym.  I have no way of getting this message to him (except through facebook of course) because I can’t get his number from my contact book, and no one I know right now (that I can think of) has his number.

Or Pete, the oil guy, who is putting in a new boiler system into our church this week.  I need to reach him, but alas, his number is in my cell phone, apparently frozen into a place I cannot reach.

And now I think of these things – approximately 48 hours too late.

Often I treat God in a similar way.  He’s awfully handy to have around.  And eventually I forget He’s there. Things are going so well, and I begin to take things for granted, until something gets broken, and then I need Him immediately.  “God help me…” “God take care of this mess, please!” “God, would you mind hooking you up even though I’ve treated you like you’re not around, and like I’m the reason for all of this good stuff happening?”

Fortunately for me, He’s way bigger than my cell phone.  Mine doesn’t seem all that forgiving right now, and it’s not giving me any love.  So it’s off to the Verizon store.

Until next time…


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