A recap of Sunday mornings @ Fellowship

October 22, 2007

Sunday morning:

I woke up at 5:00 am, took a shower, and looked over my sermon for Sunday morning.

The band sounded really good at practice, ok the 1st service, and better the 2nd service.  Tom, my father-in-law and drummer, really adds a lot to the music.

I heard some really great reports on how friendly our church was on Sunday.  Good job Fellowship!  You rock!

The production team did a good job of overcoming some issues in the first service, and the second service was much better.

Our childrens ministry is just plain good!

My message was on love as we continue our series known as “Good to great”  Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve delved into the topics of Courage, Discipline, and now love.  The powerful story of Hosea was our focus, with John piping in some things that Jesus said about love in John 15:9-13 and 1 John 4:7-12.  check it out here – feeds.feedburner.com/connectwithfc

I’m really beginning to capture a deeper vision for Fellowship Church and were we are headed in the short and long term.

I pretty much owe Lonnie big time for mentoring me to see those kinds of things.

What were your impressions of 10/21/2007’s Sunday morning at Fellowship?

Next week’s service is going to be amazing, sad (because it’s the Snell’s last week), and important to the future growth of our church.


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