The last service for the Snells

October 25, 2007

This weekend will be the Snell’s last weekend with us here at Fellowship Church. We’re looking for a tremendous attendance and really want to see them go out with a bang, and to see Fellowship Church start out with a bang!
We only have one service this week, AND IT STARTS AT 10:30 AM!
I’m so excited about what God is doing here, I can’t even stand it.  For those of you who go to Fellowship here in Holden, please let me say that by the end of the year, there are going to be some things that really help us begin to move in such a great way to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
The team of people around me are so awesome, and as we move forward with this thing, it’s going to be amazing to see how God works, both in the life of our church, and in the life of thsoe individuals who make up FC!
Tomorrow my blog wil consist of an open letter I’ve written to Lonnie. 

Until next time…


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