Sunday morning recap…

October 29, 2007

Yesterday morning at Fellowship was amazing!  There is no other way a pastor should leave a church and another should come in, other than the way it happened here at Fellowship Church in Holden.  I’m so happy about the service this last Sunday, and it was such an encouragement to me.  Here’s a glimpse of what happened and my thoughts around the service:

The band was amazing!  From the keys to the guitars to the bass to the drums, It’s really great to see them play so well.  And Tom, I gotta fever,and the only cure is MORE COWBELL!

The attendance to this service was good.  Everyone was excited to be a part of the service.  There were a lot of old friends, and plenty of new faces.  There was an electricity not typical of church changing services like this. Trust me, I know.

Wow!  What a roller coaster of a service, too. From the music to Lonnie’s video from “Lord of the Rings” to his message to the conclusion as he brought me up to the front and exhorted me from Timothy.  There were laughs and tears.

Lonnie’s message was incredible.  He focused on the young boy who gave up his lunch, and offered everything he had to Christ, who made something big with it.  This is the key to becoming a great follower of Christ, and allowing Him to do great things through the little things that we have (which He has given us in the first place).

The time at the end of the service when Lonnie called Carie and I to stand in the front and be prayed for with the church congregation coming together and laying their hands on us was so powerful.  That will be a moment Carie or I won’t forget for a long time.

Almost everyone hung out for a while after the service and talked and said their goodbyes to the Snells.  Once again, the Snells are an amazing family who God has used in a great way here at Fellowship Church.  Check out my blogs from Friday, October 26, 2007, to read an open letter to the Snells.

What did you think about the service on Sunday?

Until next time…


One Response to “Sunday morning recap…”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    It was an amazing time!!!
    One of the things I think maybe God’s been putting on my heart is to be o.k. with things being sad and embracing experiences like Sundays which have all these contradictory elements: excitement for the future, mourning for what we’ll miss, etc.
    I think the world would have us strive to eliminate things that hurt… Get past them, “build a bridge and get over them.” At the bare minimum, it seems like we’re supposed to let all our feelings duke it out and walk away saying “This was happy…” “That was sad…
    But I’m working at just accepting that things might be contradictory, and not trying to resolve the contradiction, or just walking through the sadness when it happens.

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