A recap of Sunday mornings @ Fellowship 3

November 5, 2007

Yesterday was my first official day as the pastor of Fellowship Church.  We started a new series called “The Riches,” which really highlighted God’s perspective on our money and our stuff.  As far as I can tell, it was very popular,and not what people were expecting.  This of course is what I’m into – doing what people don’t expect.

For the first time without their fearless leader, Ruth, the band did an excellent job!  I was excited to see them work together, and though it wasn’t all that easy, I was imprepssed at the final outcome.  People really connected with our worship on Sunday.  To our band:  Thanks for all your hard work!

I also did a sit down interview with two of the guys on our new team this week.  Billy McGuiness, our Sunday Morning Impression guy, and Al Dancy, our Sunday Morning Programming guy.  They will take charge of directing people into and during the Sunday morning service.  I’m excited to see these guys at work over the next few years.  I started off the service with the interview, which I’m told wasn’t a great move because it started off very slow.  So we’ll work on that next time.

My message focused on knowing what’s going on with your finances, and how God doesn’t disconnect your finances with your love and surrender to Him.  Luke 16:13 says, “You cannot serve God and money.”  I challenged the church to invite God in on your finances now, so that God can use my stuff and He can use their stuff even now, when things might be going good.  I also challenged them to (if they are not) keep track of their finances, so that they know what’s going in and what’s going out.  (and hopefully the stuff going in is more than what is going out)

And then the services ended.  Attendance was good for both services, and the energetic spirit and joy that was there in both services was so exciting.  I finished the services so pumped about what God is about to do at Fellowship Church!  What did you think?

Until next time…


One Response to “A recap of Sunday mornings @ Fellowship 3”

  1. Katie Says:

    I thought this was one of your best sermons yet. It was really well organized, and you did a good job giving us a “take away” from the message. Way to go!

    In other news, do you want your REAL name in the novel, or just the personality?

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