“Could you not watch me with me one hour?”

November 6, 2007

Hello.  I wrote this true story a few years ago the day the event actaully happened.  Please no laughing and some of the music I might have listened to or things I was into back in the year 2000.  Just enjoy the story and have a great day, would ya?  Let me know your thoughts on the story too.

 Check this passage from the Bible out – Matthew 26:31-46

“Could you not watch with me one hour?”

My eyes fell hard and rested in a shut position against my will. Really the only problem with this mutiny was that I was on 95N around exit 13, heading towards the pike.

I had just been at Boston Baptist College. Our church of course, had a large segment of students that chose to drive an hour every service, and as a show of faith to them, I had told them I would show up every Thursday at their school for prayer. 
I told myself before I got in my car to return home that this trip would be an excellent opportunity to pray for a good hour. Very cool! With all the hustle and bustle of today’s world, many times, prayer gets lost in our “busy schedules.”

So I jumped in my car, of course the radio was on, and of course, it was playing a great song by Sister Hazel, “Change your mind.”

“Well, I’ll just listen to this one song,” I told myself, obviously smitten back to the time and place I first heard this song. So while the song played, my mind whirls and twirls upon every situation I was ever in while hearing this song. In the car with friends, at a Friendly’s eating Oreo Cyclones, On “Live with Regis.” Memories came flooding back. These particular memories left my mind paralyzed for the following three songs. Finally, I snapped out of it, and can you believe it, the next song the station played was “I can’t fight this feeling anymore,” by REO Speedwagon.

Now let me ask you a question: Is there any of us between the ages of 28 and 45 that this song would not bring memories of yearbooks, pom-poms, love notes passed in class, and yes, the dreaded, “I think we should be friends” speech?

So by the time all these feelings were finished being fought (perhaps a little pun intended) I was on 495 N, headed towards 290W. I shut off the radio, but right as I did, a commercial comes on for the Celtics home games at the Fleet Center. I love the Celtics, but i was not particularly interested in the Commercial.

But basketball. . .O yes, my thoughts quickly drifted to a time and a place when my shot never failed me, when I lived for Friday night games. I even thought about playing Granite State Baptist Church again and next time crushing them: So many thoughts and fantasies.

By the time i had made the final foulshot to win the world championships for the Celtics, I was safely pulling into Holden, Mass. Wow! Where did the time go?

I walked into my apt, got ready for bed, and made a quick apology to God.

“Sorry God, it was just a really busy day. You understand.”

 Until next time…


2 Responses to ““Could you not watch me with me one hour?””

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Interesting stuff Marty… Did you share this story in a sermon once? I had the vaguest sense of deja vu. But maybe that’s just because I’ve been there/done that.

    I wonder if part of the “problem” is that God is so available. In my brokenness and foolishness, I can think “Well, God will be around after the commercial/Reo Speedwagon song/Sister Hazel song/whatever.” So, I end turning God into my activity when I’ve exhausted everything else… God’s our default plan, our back up…
    The obvious problems are of course, that sometimes we never get to plan B, and even if we do, should God really be our plan B in the first place?

  2. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    I just noticed your theme for this blog is “empire” (Check it out at the bottom.)
    I thought we were supposed to resist the empire.

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