The power of the ATOM

November 15, 2007

Last night we met with all of our life group leaders.  Jeff, our life group director (You can find his blog on my blogroll) did an amazing job sharing with our leaders some of the new things will be doing to reinforce the importance of small groups in our church. 

We also unveiled the new values of our life groups, and I’d like to share them with you if you don’t mind.  I think they encompass a lot of what we want our life groups to be about, and how we want them to move forward and in the same direction toward leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  So here they are:

Value 1:  Authenticity – We provide a predictable environment for our community to come to the point where they can be real with one another.

Value 2:  Transformation – We don’t want to stay the same, we want to allow God to transform us by changing the way we think and to become more like the example of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Value 3:  Outward-Reaching – We constantly want to be moving out of our comfort zone and to serve others, both evangelistically and in the area of need.

Value 4:  Multiplication – After two years of influencing one another and pouring our hearts into our Life group community, we understand that there are others that we can influence, so we split our life groups and allow twice as many people to be influenced the way we’ve been influenced in the last two years.

So these are the ATOM Values of our life groups.  My prayer is that we can build on these elements (pun intended) and eventually our community can be led into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!

Until next time…


2 Responses to “The power of the ATOM”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Hey man,
    Thanks for your constant support! It’s so awesome to be a part of FC.

  2. […] “The ATOM Bomb” that focuses on the four principles we use for each of our life groups. Here’s a link where I talked about our small […]

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