The Riches, part 3

November 16, 2007

The last several weeks at Fellowship Church we’ve been talking about Finances and how many times in our culture we end up “acting” like other people.  Another way to say this is that we buy things we can’t afford and live beyond our means.

The premise of this series of messages was taken from a television show which I saw the pilot episode of called,”The Riches.”  Basically this group of traveling gypsies who were all an immediate family decided they wanted to do something else with their lives other than stealing and earning a living in a less than ethical way.  So they take off, not knowing what they were going to do. 

In the process of taking off though, they left with their extended families money, and a high speed chase of RV’s ensues. In the midst of the chase between the two families, a BMW stays on the road and encounters these two massive RV’s, ultimately ending with the untimely death of its drivers, the Riches.

To make a long story short, the main family steals the identities of the Riches and heads toward their new home in a “Desperate Housewives” type neighborhood, and where the Riches were just moving in, so noone knows who they are, and all is well in their new home, with their new cars and their new riches.  But of course they’re just acting.

This week at Fellowship, like any good television program these days, will highlight a twist and a turn that can free us to move beyond where we’re at as we begin to be wiser in this area.  But  that only happens when we know who we really are and where we really are (week 1 of the Riches) and when we view our stuff the way God views our stuff: as a tool.(week 2 of the Riches)

Those of you who are from Fellowship, allow me to emplore you not to miss this week, and to come expecting God to challenge you like He never has before.  It’s going to be great!!!

Have a great weekend.  As usual on Fridays, you can find me at noon having lunch with my friends at the Finder’s Pub in West Boylston.  Otherwise I’ll be preparing for Sunday!

Until next time…


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