Sunday morning recap…

November 19, 2007

Week number 3 of the series at Fellowship Church, “The Riches”, was a great one!  We had good attendance for both services and there was just a great atmosphere as we talked about money once again. You can find the Riches, week 3, at the headline below. (If you’re reading this at

Here’s a few highlights of this week’s service:

In both services, attendance was pretty good.  I have this recurring nightmare that since we’re talking about money, I’m going to show up alone.

Rob Bell is the man.  Did you ever think that him and I would be co-preaching together?

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve had some new people come to Fellowship and have been checking it out to see if they want to make this their home church.  Are you talking to people you don’t know?

I loved the band this week, with an emphasis on the song that Susan sang.  It was beautiful work by the band.

I’m amazed at how people have taken this topic of finances and instead of getting defensive have begun to ask themselves what areas they need to change.   The people at FC are so great!

Fot those of you who are wondering where I go after the service, I get by myself for a while.  I usually wake up very very early on Sunday,and then I’m going, going, going until the services, which I participate in, and then preach at twice, so afterwards I’m very tired.  So for ten minutes I relax.  This also keeps people from feeling like they have to talk to me because I’m the pastor.  Fortunately I don’t keep my cell phone number hidden, so if someone really needs to get ahold of me, it’s actually quite easy.  Of course after te minutes, I come out and hang out, because I like doing that.

I was able to hang out for a few minutes on Sunday with Jeremy Dugan, a former attender of FC who was transferred to St Louis in the armed forces, and is on his way to Iraq. He too is one of my heroes.  Thanks Jeremy. 

I ate with most of the members of our leadership team and some of the people in our church on Sunday. This just gets me so pumped about te future of FC.

Finishing out the day, I was able to shut my phone off and hang out with my beautiful wife last night.  It was great!  I love my wife, my life, my church, and my friends.

I’m interested in hearing what you’re doing for Thanksgiving.  What ya doing?

 Until next time…

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2 Responses to “Sunday morning recap…”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    On the subject of Co-preaching with Rob Bell: His sermon from Sunday (at
    * had finances as a major part of it. (Specifically how Mars Hill spends the money that come into it.)
    * Was a behind-the scenes look like last summer’s “All Access”
    * featured new members of the leadership team explaining what they do there.
    * Espoused the philosophy that we’re a priest hood of believers and that we all should be ministering in the ways God called us to do; the job of “pastors” to them is to facilitate people in hearing God’s call on their lives.

    You know, it’s kind-of cool when we rip off Rob Bell. But when it looks like he’s ripping off our ideas, I know we’re on to something.

  2. D Says:

    So, although money is the key factor in marital arguments, my husband and I have never argued over this…UNTIL NOW. Thanks a lot dude! *smile I never realized how different our “priorites” are regarding money. It’s been an interesting series Marty, you are doing a great job… just be yourself and talk to us like you are talking one on one – you are especially good at that. Blessings to you and C…

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