The Importance of Trash: A parable

November 20, 2007

The following is a parable I wrote a short while ago that I hope you’ll enjoy.  Currently we’re going through a series at Fellowship Church ( on this topic.  And as I type the story into my blog, I’m watching the snow gently fall onto the landscape outside of my office.  Uugh.

A short time ago I was walking down the street in Downtown Holden.  The sun was shining over the town, and I was pleased to be able to enjoy the day.

Then something very odd happened, when I spotted a man and a woman, both dressed in sharp business clothes, jumping up and down in a dumpster outside of Friendly’s.  Obviously this caused me to laugh some because these two people were dressed so nice, their clothes were even neatly pressed, and their hair was perfect.  Overtaken with a bout of curiousity, I approached them and, without sarcasm or humor (this was not easy) I inquired, “Excuse me, but do you mind me asking what you two are doing?”

“We are rich…Yes!…We are sooo rich!  Just look at what we found in this dumpster!” They exclaimed.

Cautiously I stepped towards the dumpster, not fully trusting the situation, and peered into the large odorous container.

“Can you believe it?” The man asked excitedly.

“Believe what?” I replied, all the more curious as to what they were thinking.

“Well you looked, didn’t you?  Come on, didn’t you see all the trash that was in the dumpster?  We are so lucky!  A trash dumpster that’s full of trash,and we found it.  I gotta go call mom.”  He said as the man leaped out of the container.

“And I’ll stay here and guard our treasure,” The woman said.

Before he left, the man looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder, and motioned to his left hand.  “Sir, I want you to have this, I don’t need it anymore.”

My mouth dropped as he placed his black leather wallet into my open hand.  I glanced inside and saw at least 10 $100 bills, plus credit cards.

I walked away that day thinking how crazy the entire situation was, and asking myself how these two people could walk away from their money for trash.

Then I thought of how I do the same thing in my life.  Christ has promised me great treasures in the future – “True riches” he says.  He’s promised a whole new world for us (not to steal from Alladin), where we will fall at His feet to worship Him. Where we will have no tears, or sorrows, or pain.  But most importantly where we will live under the headship and perfection of Christ Himself.

But I lose sight of these things because of the things here that blind me to God.  These “things of this world” will soon pass away and be worthless, yet I continuously seek them out and place my trust in them, ultimately giving my heart to my treasure.

Scripture promises “true riches” that are beyond compare.  Would we really rather jump in a dumpster?

Until next time…

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