Interesting Happenings

November 21, 2007

On Sunday, Carie and I were looking for our airline information for when we fly out on Wednesday (today).  I couldn’t find the email, so I couldn’t find the confirmation code, so I couldn’t find the info.  This was not good.  Finally I found it,and we were both happy.

So it appeared that we left on Wednesday morning at 6:55 am and arrived around 8:30 am.  This was not good, because Carie works today until noon, and the school that she teaches at has mentioned to its teachers not to miss a day of school around the holiday vacations.  I could not believe I had done that, because I thought that I had not done that.  (I had purchased the tickets in May)

Carie wrote an email to her mentor, who never responded, but came to Carie on Monday morning,and politely said that she erased the email, and it did not exist.  She also asked Carie if she was coming down with something, because she looked pale, and that she probably should be sick around Wednesday morning, so she’d better call in.

My wife being the amazing person that she is, felt bad about this insinuation that she must call in sick (though she had missed a day of school for being sick the week before) and not really be sick, so she wrestled back and forth with telling her principal that she was flying out on Wednesday and could do nothing about it.  Basically, I told her she could say, “my husband screwed up.”

So I had thought we were arriving at 11:00 pm on Wednesday evening, but this new revelation brought on some great circumstances.  Like this one:  About the time we found out we were leaving on Wednesday morning, Lonnie, my former pastor, wrote a text message to me, telling me that “the Steelers suck,” which of course on this particular day, was not far from the truth. 

But I had an idea.  I asked Carie, “What if we visited the Snells in Cincinnati for lunch on Wednesday?”  She loved this idea.  It was about a half hour out of the way, but would be an excellent time to hang out with them, and still get to my parents house in decent time.  So we made plans to visit the Snells for lunch on Wednesday.  Despite my mishap, things were coming along very nicely.

Things got more interesting Tuesday morning when this happened:  Carie’s uncle Joe, who is a businessman in Boston, was supposed to be a major part of this Sunday’s service.  He has a great testimony of how God had freed him financially after spending his younger years in enormous debt.  Since this was the major topic of our current series, “The Riches” at Fellowship, I had invited him to share that testimony.  He called me and told me he couldn’t make it because of an unforeseen circumstance (a good one) in the life of his family.  I was gracious (as I so often am), but was basically forced to do more work than I was supposed to be doing during this partial week off.  So on Thanksgiving, I’ll be eating turkey and pouring over sermon notes.  Good fun!

Then on Tuesday, something else occurred.  I found the “REAL” airline reservations for this weekend.  You see, it appears that the Wedneday morning flight at 6:55 am happened last month, which you can read about here:

So the real time Carie and I were leaving is tonight (Wednesday) at 9:29.  Which mean a few things:  Carie doesn’t have to lie to skip school, I hae a bit more time to study for Sunday, but on the other hand, we no longer have the time to have lunch with the Snells.

Tomorrow I’ll be writing my blog from Indiana, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you are!  For those of you at Fellowship Church, I’m so excited about the last week of “The Riches” and more excited about getting to see many of you.

Until next time…


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