I hate Hertz…not really

November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today I’m only going to say that, and perhaps tonight I’ll write another blog complete with pics and such from a day with my family. 

Ok, I guess I’ll say more. Because of weather, Carie and I didn’t leave NH until last night after 10:00 pm.  It was cold and rainy, but the flight went really smooth.  Then we arrived in Columbus at around 11:45 am, and went to rent a car, and we ran into some snags there.  I won’t go into the story (unless you want to ask me in person), but let’s just say I now hate the company Hertz, who really jacked Carie us up, forced us to spend a lot more money than we were supposed to, and we could do nothing about it, unless we wanted to spend the night in Columbus. (which was very appealing at the time because of the nasty rain)  But don’t worry, I have forgiven them.

To finish out the day, which actually was a very pleasant day, despite the end of the last paragraph, I drove about a hundred miles from Columbus to Richmond, Indiana in the rain and nastiness, between trucks and cars, and we finally arrived here last night around 2:30 am.

I have now woken up this morning, and am an excited mood to spend the day with my wife, extended family, and maybe even some people I don’t even know.  That’s the best!

 Until next time…


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