A Preview and a Warning

November 30, 2007

Good morning!  It’s Friday and once again, I’m totally pumped to be able to write my blog.  I participated in my life group last night and as usual it was amazing.  We talked, we laughed, we ate, we danced the night away – ok, well that’s not true, but everything else was.

I have a lot to do today so I’ll be brief, but there are some things I want to share with the people from Fellowship for the weekend at hand.

We start a new series this week called, the Advent Conspiracy.  We’ll focus on the Christmas story and specifically this week “Bringing down the empire.”  I’ve enjoyed preparing for the series so far, and Al Dancy will be leading worship for us this weekend as well.  I’m excited about that, and don’t tell anybody, but he’s nervous.  Steve and his Family Ministries Team are prepared to hook your kids up this weekend with a great time, a lesson that focuses on Peace, and probably a snack or two.  Billy’s team of greeters, baristas, and ushers will enthrall you as they welcome you and your guests warmly into our Sunday morning environment.  The two services are 9:30 am and 11:00 am.  See you there.  (www.fellowshipholden.com)

On Sunday night, our church will come together to connect relationally around the thought of Christmas Traditions.  This is a potluck dinner that will begin at 5:00 pm.  There will be childcare for kids.  Please dress warm,because later on, we will be going Christmas caroling (if you wish to), and you have the choice to take your kids along, or leave them playing with childcare.  Oh the options.

Okay, well my hope is that wherever you are while reading this, you will have an excellent weekend.  Here’s one more preview:

Next Monday, I will be reviewing a book I’ve recently read called,”Uncovered Truth:  A Pastor’s life exposed”.  This book was written by my former pastor, who writes about his hardships in running from God and into the arms of sin while he worked in the ministry that I currently pastor.  After finishing the book last night (it took me all of 30 minutes), I was going to review it today, but decided to hold off until Monday, so that I can digest the writing a bit better.  I’ll be interested in reading your thoughts on my thoughts of the writing, but I also thought I’d warn anyone who reads my blog that it was coming so that it doesn’t take them off guard.

So be advised:  Monday morning will bring a review of the book I’ve expected for 6 years.

Until next time…


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