Sunday morning recap…

December 3, 2007

Today I’ll be posting two blogs. The first is a recap of Sunday events at Fellowship Church, the second is a review of the book, “Uncovered Truth:  A Pastor’s Life Exposed.”

So here’s the recap.

*We started a new series about Christmas this week called, “The Advent Conspiracy”.  We’re looking through the Christmas story to recover ways we can rethink, not only Christmas, but out way of life.  This week we talked about Bringing down the empires in your life, and taking simple steps of faith.  Matthew 2:1-8; 13-17

*The band did a great job, led by Al Dancy, our new Director of Sunday programming.  He sang and led in worship.  I was pumped to see him up there.

*There was some great energy in both services, and it appears people are really enjoying there new pastor.  Either they are really great actors, or they actually are lovin the Fellowship!

*We interviewed Jeff Campbell, our life group director, this week in the service.  Jeff is an amazing guy who I am thrilled to get to work with.  He’s doing a great job with our life groups too.

*Last night we had our 3rd Christmas Traditions,and it was amazing.  We honored the MacNeils and the Kenneys, two families at Fellowship Church for their desire to see people growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are giving two sheep from the Heifer project to families in other countries and giving it in the name of these two super families.

*We also ate.  alot.

*We played “Whose line is it anyways” and some people did a great job of being funny.  We have some funny people at our church.

*Then groups went out and went caroling. 

*The whole day was amazing, and Fellowship is building up some steam as we prepare to go into 2008!  Praise God for what He is doing in the life of our church, and in our lives as individuals.  Check out pictures I’ll post of Christmas traditions on Facebook.

*Happy Birthday to my sister in law, Jessica, who was in a car accident this morning on her way to work, but she is okay now.  Only minimal damage to the front passenger side of the car, and no damage to her.  Good news.  and Happy Birthday jess!

Until next time…


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