December 6, 2007

The last 3 days have been really hard posts on this blog,and I think it’s time for something a bit lighter, don’t you?  I really enjoyed blogging the book review, and will probably do more as time goes on.  Thanks to all of you who shared your comments back to me regarding the last several posts, including the mystery person who calls themselves, “Former Church Member.”  I love mystery.

Over the next two days I’m going to share some of my favorite blogs out I read.  Today I’ll share some blogs of personal friends who I like to read about their life and try to stay in touch with what’s happening and there always very interesting, and tomorrow I’ll share some work-related blogs that might be a help to you if you find yourself wanting more in the area of your professional life.

Keep in mind, I’m still relatively new at this, so I know that I have a lot more to go as far as blogs are concerned, and there are so many people out there with so many great commentaries on life, that I’m sure I will have missed some good ones, but if you don’t see somebody that you think I would be interested in reading on a daily basis, please let me know about him or her through a comment.  Thanks.

And now, my top 5 favorite personal blogs (from people I know):
p.s.  These people are all very good at blogging on a regular basis.

 Honorable mentions first
*Kev n Jen’s journal  – For some great artwork and pictures (including one of me last week), this is a great one.

*Duke Groupies Xanga – Dave always has something interesting to say, and it usually is offensive.  I love it!

5.  Jennw2ns’s journal – Jenn should be a writer.  Actually, I think she is, this is what she tells me anyway.

4.  Rainy Day Communications – After riding your bike miles and miles at a time, you’d think one would be too tired to blog, but apparently this is not the case (except for the last several days, Katie).  Last month, Katie posted a novel she wrote on her blog for National Novel writing month or whatever it is.  I’m in the novel.  Under the assumed name of Hary Potter.  (Just kidding)

3.  Brian Howe – when it comes to blogs, all the cool people go wordpress, and this includes Brian, who I did a little hanging out with in our younger years, and who now is a pastor in NY.  If you’re in the North Albany area, check out his church at  Besides this, his life is interesting to read about.

2.  Jeff’s deep thoughts – notice the wordpress thing again.  Jeff includes poems, really good poems, and really deep thoughts in his blog, and when he asks a question, you can bet you’re going to have to think about the question for a significant period of time.  If the answer was easy, he’d of answered it by now.  He’s also our small group director at Fellowship Church.

1.  Winn Collier – He blogs once a week, but when he does, it’s always pretty amazing.  He was a childhood friend, and now he pastors a church, writes books, including his newest tasty little treat, entitled,”Let God: The Transforming Wisdom of Francois Fenelonand he writes for magazines like Relevant, Campus Life, and Leadership Journal.

Check out these blogs.  They’ll all be worth your time, and they’re all really good people.

Until next time…


3 Responses to “Blogalicious”

  1. brianhowe Says:

    thanks for the shoutout dude…my goal in life is now to make your top 5 ministry related blogs!! one day…a boy can hope can’t he?

  2. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    I second the thanks!
    So… uhmm… thanks!
    But I have to tell you… blogalicious might be the ugliest word in the history of all ugly words.
    (Actually, I guess I didn’t have to tell you… but it is an epically ugly word.)

  3. […] that I read on a regular basis.  For a commentary on which blogs I read from people I know, click here.  Today I’ll talk about blogs I read from people I don’t know, but who influence me […]

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