Sunday morning recap…

December 10, 2007

Today’s Monday and it’s the beginning of another excellent week in my life.  Today I will begin the ending of our move to our new house.  There’s still some things to get done, but all in all, tha place looks great,and I really appreciate the help of Scott Herzig and Phil Kenney who have given a lot of their time to doing the  flooring and countertops.  I couldn’t have done it myself if I had Bob Villa shouting me instructions along the way.

So here’s what happened at Sunday Morning @ Fellowship:

*I probably keep saying this a lot, but our staff of directors are doing an amazing job making things happen.  Steve, Billy, Al, and Jeff – You guys rock!!!

*I’m looking for a leader who is creative and organized (not a very frequent combo) to fill an important role in the life of Fellowship.  By leader, I mean someone who actually leads and ca delegate, not someone who tries to do it all.  Know anybody like that?

*The band yesterday was phenomonal!  We have some sound issues to work out, but all in all, WOW!  Music like that did not make it hard to speak afterwards.   The people were prepared to hear the Word.  Thanks band members and specifially Josh who had a great lineup of songs. 

*I spoke on “The dirty truth.”  And how Jesus was the example of the oneness of humans when it comes to what matters (What’s inside of us).  We watched a dramatic video of his “dirty birth” and looked at Matthew 25:34-40.  The challenge was for us to “connect with who we are not,” and to “impress less…inspire more.”

*Both services’attendance were average, but here’s a challenge to the people from Fellowship Church – Begin investing in people and inviting them to come and see what’s happening on Sunday Mornings @ Fellowship.

*After church I took a college student home, and had some time to think on the way back. I thought and prayed and thanked God for alowing me to pastor such an amazing church of people who want to grow in a relationship with Him and His Son Jesus Christ.

*Then I went to a football party and watched the Steelers-Pats Game.

*Football isn’t everything.

*Thanks to Dave and John for organizing the party I attended. Good food and good friends and nobody rubbed it in.  At least I’m still the front runner to win the fantasy football championship.

Until next time…


3 Responses to “Sunday morning recap…”

  1. brianhowe Says:

    -played well in the first half…holding onto that!

  2. Jenn Says:

    Creative and organised? What about creative-and-can-make-herself-organised? And does this “leader” have to be male?

  3. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Thanks Marty!
    I started writing “You’re doing a great job” but this isn’t quite right. Next I wrote “God’s doing amazing stuff through you.” But this still lacked something. “God’s doing amazing stuff among us.” Just sounds wierd…
    The best I can do is to say that there is something awesome going on at Fellowship…

    A thought that was brought about by your sermon and the use of video:
    Isn’t it perfect that the “dirty” shephards get to witness the newborn Jesus long before the magi? Last year (or was it the year before) Loni taught us how wrong our nativity scenes are and that the magi don’t catch up with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for months after our birth.
    How amazing that the societies lowest were the ones who catch the first glimpse of Him… a real foreshadowing of what’s to come.

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