The Future…it’s bright.

December 12, 2007

Today I wanted to write about some of the behind the scenes things we’re doing at Fellowship in order to prepare for 2008.  Some of the changes that are in store for us as we move into the next year.  I’m excited about what’s going on at Fellowship, and my hope is that this stuff gets you as excited as it does me, specifically if you attend FC on a regular basis.  So here we go:

-One of the most interesting changes at Fellowship is going to be our new Children’s check in process.  If you’re a parent, you’ll get more info about this over the next few weeks at Church.

-It looks like we have a good future with some good worship leaders at FC.  I’ve been really impressed the last few weeks with the music and the leadership of Al Dancy and Josh Grohman.  Good stuff!

-We’ll be really working on our Sunday morning service @ Fellowship, to ensure that you can come and grow by participating in the service, and more importantly, that you can be ensured that each time you invite a friend or a family member, We will grab their attention and then they will be led into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

-Life groups.  The way to go.

-Our online capabilities will be enhanced beginning in January as online, you will be able to register for our “Link” events, find out more info about the small groups that are right for you, volunteer for serving at FC, and online giving towards the vision of Fellowship Church to carry out its mission.

-We’ll renew our commitment to excellence in our Sunday morning services, Family ministries for children, youth,and the whole fam, and our environments (like the Link) that connect people into life groups.  We believe this will allow for our life groups to be more relational and ultimately, become the people God wants us to be.

-We’re also working on steps for every age and every generation to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through small groups.  I’m so pumped about this. 

I hope these changes excite you as much as they excite me.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the future.  It is bright.

By the way, I just saw the music video to Linkin Park’s “Shadow of the Day”.  Very powerful.  Also, my friend Jay Destratis has a new blog.  He’s pretty smart, so you’ll want to check it out, even though it’s new.

Until next time…   


One Response to “The Future…it’s bright.”

  1. brianhowe Says:

    Way to get out and front and lead man…It looks to me like you guys aren’t settling…awesome! Cant wait to see how God is going to use FC in ’08

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