December 19, 2007

Yesterday I had a lot of meetings.  Telephone, person to person, email, and hologram.  Okay, not the last one, but the other three kind were all true.  They were different kinds of meetings with different kinds of people, and the day ended up being an amazing one.

Now the last meeting was especially significant, but through the meeting, something was confirmed in me that I knew I needed to do, but I was having difficulty actually following through with it.  What was it?  A clear direction.

At FC, we have a direction in that we desire to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating a culture that moves them into small groups, or life groups as we call them.  It is there that we believe they can experience maximum growth spitually and relationally.

But I don’t think we’ve been very good about clarity.  About giving people a clear direction as to where we are going and where we’d like to take them as well.

Having said this, one of the things I’m really excited about is the unveiling of our theme for 2008.  We’ll be sharing the theme with Fellowship Church on the last week in December, and then sharing our goals throughout the month of January.

I’m excited about offering FC a clear direction for the future so that in the end, all of New England will be blanketed with small groups who are leading people into this wonderful, amazing growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

p.s.  Check out the Fellowship Holden group on Facebook today at noon for a new video series known as “Darren’s Dailies.”

Until next time…


One Response to “Clarity”

  1. brianhowe Says:

    good stuff…clarity is essential man…one vision, speak it, spray it, preach it, and whatever else you can do to get it out there!

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