I thank you from the bottom of my cardio

December 22, 2007

With your help on Saturday, December 22, 2007, I returned to the gym. 

Thank you.

 Until next time…

ps  below is the a new video series I’m producing called Darren’s Dailies.  Check out www.youtube.com/darrensdailies for more hilarious action.


One Response to “I thank you from the bottom of my cardio”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    I have major problem with the theology implied by Darren’s daillies. I didn’t hear the gospel message once.
    Sure, you implied that it’s better to eat sandwiches from Chick Fillet. But did you tell anybody the cost of eating those McDonald’s sandwiches? No! If you really loved them, you would.
    You might say “So what, they’re all chicken sandiwches.” But McDonald’s Chicken Sandiwches are the gateway fast food.
    Pretty soon, you’re going to have people eating… nuggets! Nuggets! Need I tell you the problems that this will lead to.
    Pretty soon they’ve left McDonalds and they’re on to Wendys! What kind of freakish meat can be sold for $1!
    It won’t be long, I tell you, before people are eating each other.
    Your little liberal feel-good video is going to lead to Cannablism, pastor Holman. I hope your proud of yourself.

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