Happy New Year

January 1, 2008

So I’m now back in the blogging mindset after a brief hiatus over the holiday season.  Like and one man said in a book written a few hundred years ago, “I was making rather merry.”  So I’ll start off the new year with congratulating you on making it to 2008, and wishing you the best year of your life.  I’ll also offer you the newest Sunday morning recap of the year.

*Sunday morning at Fellowship was great this week – we focused on volunteering and getting involved at Fellowship, and I set out a goal I had that I wanted to have 50 new people this year step up to the plate and give a little bit of their time every month to helping Fellowship accomplish its vision of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

*10 brand new people signed up to serve!  What’s up God?!

*The band opened the service with a rocking Sister Hazel version of the song “Run Rudolph Run.”  They did incredible and Al, the leader, rocked the song out.

*I’m totally pumped about our renewed commitment to reach people and connect them into the life of FC.

*We are currently preparing and training people to begin Children’s Check In over the next few weeks.  This should be a great safe new piece of technology to lead us forward.

*I really can’t wait to hook up with our life group this week.  It seems like its been forever.

*We played clips from the top 5 most viewed 2007 videos on www.youtube.com/fellowshipholden this week in both services.  The number 1 video, “The Invisible” has 2,401 hits.  Represent!  I can’t wait to do some creative stuff in 2008.

*Carie rocked out two services in Sonlight City this week.  She’s the best teacher ever!  Ok, so perhaps I’m a bit biased.

*Okay, I have a headache from playing monopoly until 4:30 last night with my posse.  Gotta jet.  Have an awesome day!!! 

Until next time…


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