The Truth is…

January 9, 2008

I haven’t been blogging as much this year.  I haven’t had the stomach for it.  I have come to the realization that written words can be pretty powerful and people either love me or hate me depending on what I write.

Take for instance a review I wrote on a book in November.  It was well written, received several positive and negative comments, and I even got a few emails, telling me I was wrong in some way for posting my thoughts on my blog.  I was told I was being negative and counter-productive to what Christ had for me in my life.  In some ways I agreed at first.  One of my strengths is positivity and really I can’t stand when things get too negative.  But the other thing I can’t stand is denying the truths of reality. 

I learned a lesson in writing those blogs (which maybe you didn’t get a chance to read) in November.  They are no longer available on my blog.  The lesson I learned though is this:  People like when things are normal.  When you let stuff ride.  When you go with the normal flow.  They dislike when you make waves.

One of my friends, Jeff, told me this week that his most popular blogs are when he asks the most controversial questions.  Then  people want to chime in and give their opinions.

So I’m having a hard time writing.  Why write attempting to appease everybody?  That result is boring.  And why write when I have to live to stir things up and say something controversial?  Eventually my head hurts thinking about the next big thing I’ll say.

One of the emails I received took aim at my pastorship, and “should a pastor blog about controversial things?”  Wow.  The good thing is that I’ve never confessed to being a normal pastor.  Just ask my congregation.  They know.  They know that I don’t fit the mold of what a pastor should be.

“He’s a little corky” they might say, or “he talks funny” several of them might confess.

Frankly, I’m gonna be me.  I believe that makes the best pastor and the best blogger.  I’m going to live like Jesus sometimes, and probably and unfortunately, live like his lesser counterpart other times – An act of which I’ll confess, maybe even sometimes on this blog, more likely to a close friend, and continue being who I am.  Me.

If you read my blog regularly. Thank you.  I’m going to continue to write about stuff that interests me, the majority of which is church.  But I’ll also write about things I feel need to be made right.  Things which are on my heart.  And if someone gets offended, they can start a blog too.  It’s the beauty of technology.  It’s the beauty of our culture.  It’s the beauty of not repressing your feelings, and writing rather than sitting at your computer worried to death that somebody’s going to be offended.

Enough of that.  I’m writing what I want to write.  Enjoy my blog.  It’s about me.

Until next time…


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