My first battle with a blog

January 16, 2008


In 1997-98, I lived in Atlanta, Ga.  I loved the area and the people, I just didn’t like me.  I was a little boy in a big, big world and not overly prepared or trained to handle that world I lived in.  Thankfully God placed people in my life to help me during those times.

I then moved to Massachusetts, where I lived in Webster for a year (I can almost hear the words now, “Can anything good come out of Webster?”), then moved to Holden where I sit today typing this blog. 

This morning I was loking at some old files I have of when I first started “blogging” in a sense as I started writing a daily e-votional for the people of my present church back in 1999.  I had just began to get into the internet in WEBster, and was well on my way to becoming an intermediate by the time I pulled into Holden.  I loved the idea of communicating online, so in late 1999, I started what I called the e-votional.  A term that has since been used by a famous pastor out west for his blog.

This morning I found the first e-votional I ever wrote and I thought I’d share it with you.  So here goes: (written in November, 1999)

“Driving through the streets of Holden, one thought kept popping into my head. The same thought continued to flood my head as I sat and ate at Papa Gino’s. The thought: FACES. Hundreds and thousands of faces of people who need Christ. So let me get right to the point by saying it is up to us, the Wachusett Valley Baptist Church (Now Fellowship Church), to reach these lost souls. Christ has given us the power (Acts 1:8) to be witnesses.

This tremendous power for the glorifying of Christ really spells (In the original, I misspelled the word ‘spells’) out opportunity: The opportunity for service, the opportunity for fellowship, and the opportunity for the evangelization of Holden and our world. You may wonder why I seem so optimistic about reaching Holden and the surrounding area for Christ. Well, just look at the numbers, oh forgive me, actually a couple of books after Numbers. . .Judges. Now, go to the story of Gideon. How about those Numbers? 300 Israelites stormed into the enemy camp and crushed an entire nations army.

Yes, Marty, but they must have had some serious weapons, like machine guns, tanks, or bazookas. Actually, try some trumpets. . . oh, yeah and those mighty torches in their other hands. I used to play the trumpet several years ago, and it was an excellent weapon to rid my room of my younger sisters, however, as a tool to defeat an entire army, I just have a hard time believing it was the weapons.

My point is this, although there may seem like only us, we can show the people of this area Christ by simply following the image of Christ. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word image as “a reproduction of the form of someone or something.” Can you see it? Ten Jesus’ walking the streets of Holden? Or how about twenty, fifty, a hundred, or a thousand Jesus’ walking around Worcester County. What would that do to this area? Well, its possible, and its right here. The image of Christ, or as we refer to it: The body of Christ.”

Different boy – Same vision – Different means

Until next time…


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