What comes in between global warming and Radical Islam?

January 22, 2008

If you don’t know why you had off yesterday, or why everyone else had off yesterday, you need to read what MIchael said here.

This weekend I started reading another book written by a guy named Glenn Beck.  He’s a radio talk show host who’s somewhat conservative, yet he isn’t like Rush Limbaugh where the republicans can do no wrong and everyone else is just wrong.  And he’s incredibly funny.  Now he’s on CNN (Probably because Fox was kicking their butts and they thought,”Maybe there is more than one point of view out there.”

Anyways, enough of my sarcastic soapbox material:  In the book I’m reading, called “An Inconvenient Book”, Beck writes about a lot of different topics, politically and morally.  I’m not done reading the book, so I’ll save my judgment for later, but I did find one thing interesting as I was reading.

He starts off the book with the topic of global warming.  I’m not really that interested in the science of the first chapter but he has some interesting things to say.  Much of the stuff though either went over my head (which I didn’t like) or made fun of Al Gore (which I did like).  The next chapter he picked a funny subject to switch over to – Marriage.

I don’t think there was a method to the direction of the book because the third topic was Islam.  But anyways, in his topic of marriage he goes through a cycle which he says almost always leads to divorce, if not an unproductive marriage. That cycle is Marriage – Pornography – Adultery – Divorce. I found it fascinating that he tackled this subject in the midst of politics and other such controversial things.

In this section he also went through his life story.  And it wasn’t pretty.  He talks about what a scumbag he was, and how he straighteed his life out.  He talks about how he hurt his wife and kids and everyone around him and that he was “young , foolish, and weak.”  All in all, though he didn’t go into detail about his past (aside from the countless numbers of jokes about Jack Daniels I could have done without), he was very gracious to those in his family he had hurt the most.

It’s very encouraging that this political radio host tackled this issue of marriage.  It’s even more encouraging that he did so in the way he did it.  If you’re ever in Target, and need to wait for whoever is with you and may be shopping a bit longer than you’d like to stay there, go to the book section and pick up “An Inconvenient Book” and read chapter two. 

I’ll let you know about the other stuff.

Until next time…


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