The Release of the Virus

January 24, 2008


Yesterday, as I mentioned here, I encountered a virus on my computer the likes of which I haven’t seen for a for about 5 years.  I was doing some google searching on “authentic community” in preparation for the next four weeks at Fellowship, and I came across a web site that looked like it “could” be useful, with a video on the front page that said I needed to access a “Flash player” to download it. 

I’ve downloaded a flash player or a shockwave player or an adobe reader lots of times and just figured this was another one of those times, which it was not, because when I pressed the button, it brought up a popup that said I had let viruses into my computer and “do I want to run a virus scan immediately?”  The immediate answer, by the way, should be no. But in a fit of reaction, I hit yes.  Hitting yes to this,and not the first pressed button, was indeed the thing that released the virus onto my computer. 

Earlier I was thinking of a good way this could be used as an object lesson or as a point to make about life, but really I just remember how ticked off I was that I could instantly make that decision and allow a crappy virus onto my own laptop, and how I wasted a whole morning trying to fix this mess I created. 

So no lesson here today, except to be careful kids, of the buttons you press on your computer. It could end up being more trouble than its worth.

Thanks to Ian and Tina by the way for their encouragement towards yesterdays blog and the whole virus thing.  I’m still waiting for Ian to blog something else.  His lasy entry was in November.

By the way, have you heard about  Check it out.  Its a short blog site, and you can find me under the name martyjon.

Until next time…


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