Sunday morning recap…

January 28, 2008

I just saw Rambo on the big screen.  It was short, action packed, and Sylvester Stallone talked only a small amount. All of this led to a pretty good movie if you’re down with blood and violence.  If not…I’d go with “The Bucket List”.

Now, about yesterdays services at Fellowship.

*We started a new series called “The ATOM Bomb” that focuses on the four principles we use for each of our life groups. Here’s a link where I talked about our small groups.

*It snowed.

*I’m excited to see what the future of Fellowship Church’s small group community is going to look like. 

*Al and Amy busted out some great vocals in the music.

*I was told in one service on Sunday the nursery had double digits.  Babies coming left and right @ FC!

*I love talking about authentic community.  And the rest of this series is going to be great!

*I’m playing my first basketball game tonight.  Pray for me.  I’ll probably blog about it tomorrow, amidst the pain.

Until next time…


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