All I saw was red

February 12, 2008

“I wrote this story in Janury 2001.  Hope you enjoy it.

This story may sound strange, peraps even a bit crude, but O the lessons that can be learned from simple trials and difficulties that enter into our everyday lives.

As I write this I’m sitting in my sister’s living room in Richmond, Indiana. I’ve been on vacation for four days now.  Indiana’s not the most exciting place in the world, but strangely enough, an interesting event has taken place in my life.

On Monday, a blemish begin to appear on my forehead, which by Tuesday grew into a first class pimple or “zit.”  This was no ordinary pimple however, as it looked more like a boil than a pimple.  I heard comments all day on Tuesday like, “How’s your friend there?” and “it must be nice to have a third eye.”  Yes, it certainly was a lesson in humility.  For years, I laughed and joked with people about their small acne problems because my face was always clear.  So on Wednesday, the “zit the size of earth” and me went to war.  I could no longer look at it, so I would rid myself of it.

I prepared for battle by buying some bandaids.  I knew that this was going to be messy.  My dad, who also is a pastor, had asked me to preach on Wednesday evening, and I dreaded the thought of having people pay more attention to my forehead than to the words I was speaking.  I stood in front of the bathroom mirror for about 15 minutes and through a series of painful and disgusting maneuvers, I ridded myself of the insides of this mountain.  And then I was done.

But a problem occurred. I had crushed the zit, but the big red bump remained, as big as ever.  Fortunately, I had the bandaids.  You may be wondering why in the world I’m sharing this story, but there is a great lesson to be learned from this.

Many times we think our lives are pretty good.  You are living within the terms of how God wants you to live, being good, and staying out of apparent trouble.  Other people have major problems that seem to be wrecking their lives, but so far, you’ve found yourself strong during the hard times of life.

Just then something sneaks up on you, and you don’t know where it came from.  It’s bigger than anything you ever thought would happen to you, and you’re entangled deeper than you’d ever imagined.  So you go to war with the problem.  Through prayer, some Bible reading, counseling, and various other ways, God shows you the problem and you deal with it and defeat the ugly mess.

But the scar (or the consequence) remains as big as ever…at least right away.  And discouragement may set into your life.

I’m happy to report the big red zit the size of earth is almost a memory in my life, and there will come a time when that huge mountain of hurt and discouragement, if dealt with properly, will soon disappear.  The pain and the wounds may last a little while longer, but hey, we have the great Physician on our side.”

Until next time…


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