Happy Valentine’s Day 2008

February 14, 2008


2 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day 2008”

  1. Kim Says:

    Well Marty…funny you should ask what we will do for Valentines Day. Joel and I always get Indian Food, and for the past several years now we get takeout and wait til the kids go to bed and then sit on the couch in front of the tv and eat…
    Well…this year I am going to be at Wachusett Food Pantry tonight so we decided to celebrate last night. Joel went out to pick up the food(Malai Kofta,Chicken Jalfrezie,pakoras, and poori for those of you who know Indian Food). I put the kids to bed while Joel went to Shrewsb. to get the food. Some time had passed and I started wondering where he was. Phone rang. It’s Joel..”Bad News,” he said. Car broke down, I forgot my cell, walked 15 mins to a payphone, called AAA.” “Did you get the food yet,” I say. I was really diggin’ the idea of Indian Food. “No” he says. His quarters about to run out..he says Triple A is going to call you.click.” Triple A calls moments later, asking where I am, I explain it was my husband, so I can not really tell them where he is nor can I call him back. They had a basic idea where he was so they send a truck….apparently before Joel returned to his car. HOURS pass, Joel calls asking if AAA ever called. I tell him yes , he tells me he walked to get the FOOD(another 20 mins past the pay phone). He gets off to call AAA again. I fall asleep. about 11:45pm I hear the door open…he finally got home. And he didn’t even eat the food! So I have know that yummy food is hidden in the back of the fridge but haven’t had any today….so I will spend tonight after I return from WFP eating our Indian Food sitting on the couch, thanks to Joel who spent hours walking between worcester and shrewsbury and then didn’t even eat our valentines dinner without me!

  2. pastormarty Says:

    Way to go Joel! Thanks for sharing your story with us Kim! Hope Joel and you had an amazing V Day!

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