It’s not the end of the world, but its the end of the game

February 14, 2008

Holy Cross Women

Last night, Carie convinced me to go with her to the mall to pick up some curtains for the house.  This action was definitely going to make me late for the game I was supposed to be attending that evening.  First of all, my game was cancelled because of weather.  I was supposed to be playing an 8:50 pm game in Rutland.  So because of that, I decided to go see the Holy Cross womans team play Army.  It was #1 verses #1, and they were playing to see who was still going to have that title.

Brian Wilson attends Fellowship Church and is an assistant coach of the Holy Cross team, so occasionally I’ll go watch some games.  They say if you want to know how to play basketball the right way, go watch a women’s Div. 1 game.  So last night I did, but Carie and I showed up late.

I listened up til halftime on the local radio station that broadcasts the games, and the Crusaders (HC) were down by 6, having been down by as much as 9 earlier in the game.  They were like 6 for 23 near the half.  When we finally walked in the Hart Center, the Crusaders had taken a one point lead and the fight was on in the 2nd half.

Back and forth the two teams fought.  A 3 pointer here. A layup there.  Foul shot after foul shot.  I was really impressed with the quality of play of both teams in the 2nd half, on both sides of the ball (For you who aren’t real big sports fans, that means offensively and defensively).

For a while, from about 5 minutes to go, until about 2 minutes to go, the scoring was scarce.  I began to notice a disturbing trend, however, on the HC side of the ball.  They held a 5 point lead for several minutes toward the end, and they could have built that lead up, except they kept missing their free throws at the end of the game.

Finally, Army took a lead with (check this out) 0.6 seconds left in the game.  Time Out – Holy Cross.

The ball was on the sideline after the timeout, and both teams began to move.  Holy Cross with the picks and Army with the defense.  On the far side of the court, Ashley McLaughlin set a back pick for Laura Aloisi, who moved toward the basket.  The person inbounding the ball threw what appeared at first to be an overthrown ball to McLaughlin, but in reality, was a picture perfect, Tom Brady (pre-superbowl) like pass to Aloisi, who happened to be right in front of the basket.

Now games like this often make me think back to days of yesteryear, when I was lighter of foot.  And I was reminded of this game in 8th grade, when our junior high team was playing a team that we always liked to beat.  We were down by 5 one particular game with 14 seconds to go when I dribbled the ball down the court, and shot a successful 3 pointer with 3 seconds to go to only be down by 2.

We took a time out and everyone congratulated me, and it was all good, right?  So we planned this amazing defense and went out to the court.

The problem…I thought we were down by 3.

On the inbound pass, the passer, threw it immediately to me in the center of the key, and all I had to do to tie the game was go up (wide open) for a layup. But since we were down by 3 (or so I thought), I dribbled out to the 3 point line.  Actually, I walked out to the 3 point line, and got called for travelling. Game over.  Thanks for your help Marty.

Back to the Holy Cross game.

Aloisi had momentum.  A lot of momentum.  Too much momentum. So when she grabbed the Tom Brady-like pass, she had a wide open layup that she threw up into the air, and the ball hit the back of the rim and bounced on to the other side.  No good. Game over.

I felt so bad for her and the team.  For the most part, this was their chance to play in the big dance in March.

But the beautiful part of any sporting event and competition is this:  It’s really not the end of the world, its only the end of the game.  And tomorrow there will be another one.  And in that, who knows?  Maybe the ball will not have so much momentum and wil drop in instead of going long…

Or perhaps I won’t get called for traveling.

Until next time…


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