If you don’t know what an RSS Feed is, check this post out.

February 15, 2008

This morning was amazing.  Carie, my lovely wife, woke up at a pretty ungodly hour, and I’m an early riser most of the time, so I woke up with her.  She had to make a spanish exam for one of her classes today, and I thought I could be of some support awake, rather than making her wish she was sleeping too.

So I browsed through some of the blogs on my RSS feeds, and I have to tell you that I believe the RSS feed and the blog are two of the greatest inventions of all time.  I know, I know, that statement certainly is debatable, but allow me to take you through some of the things I’ve learned and sought out this morning around the world.

Beginning with a site where my own post from yesterday was connected to, and commented on – an independent Holy Cross Crusaders site.  My apologies for my false statement concerning the “Big Dance in March” for those who noticed, but I wrote it based on something I overheard (and obviously mistakenly overheard) from an interview by Coach Gibbons after the game.  I probably should have said something like “This hurts their chances to play in the big dance, though as I did my research, it doesn’t kill their chances.  So Go Crusaders!

Then I browse through the old RSS reader and find out that Pastor Buddy from New York has asked his blogging friends and readers to pray for his dad today, who’s going through a serious fight with cancer right now.  Feel free to be in prayer for his dad, who will be in surgery at 10:30 am today.

On the theological side of things, I found out this morning that one of my favorite preachers, NT Wright, has some serious things to say on the subject of heaven in this interview with Time Magazine.  Not surprisingly, his findings in his new book, Surprised by hope, were similar to the questions that my friend Jeff had when he recently asked the question in the his blog, “Will we go to heaven?”  I feel a storm a-brewin’. 

The next updated RSS Feed was Jenn’s (with 2 n’s of course), who shared her tales of Valentine’s Day in messy weather New England, and the love of her Christ-following family (in the big picture sense).  I loved reading the story, and it makes me even more excited to read this.

Then I drove into the newest member of my RSS-feeded blog family, Garret Walker, an awesome guy who I get the privilege of hanging out with in my small group each week. In this blog, he shared a bit about his perception of Barack Obamas popularity (not as a candidate).  Garret has a wife and 4 girls, in case you’re wondering why his blog was named that.

Perry Noble – You are the man, and you have the best Valentine’s Day Rant ever right here.

Three of my favorite bloggers have been busy raising awareness and money for some great causes, as you can read about here and here and here.  About 5 of the feeds I read this morning talked about this post by Ragamuffin Soul.  You need to read it.

On a more entertaining note, This feed will definitely help you if you’re interested in finding out when your show is coming back after the writer’s strike.  I found the info here.

I finished off my blog reading morning at my wife’s side by reading why this pastor loves his wife so much and what this pastor is looking for in a children’s pastor.

It was an amazing morning of blogs, and I really get a lot out of reading our generations version of this, minus the big subscription bills, the rampant negativity about how the world is about to end, and the lopsided idealogy that they have decided I should have.

So a big thank you to all those who blog, and to all those who will be blogging in the near future. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts.

And in case you’re interested in subscribing to my blog via an RSS feed, here’s a link for that too.

Until next time…


6 Responses to “If you don’t know what an RSS Feed is, check this post out.”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    Thanks for the blog love Marty!!Praying for you guys this weekend.

  2. Jenn Says:

    Thanks for the link-love! And the free advertising. And the heads up about the Valentine’s rant. That guy is so Right On.

  3. Ian Says:

    I would argue that if you don’t know what an RSS feed is, this post won’t help. Perhaps a better title would be “If you don’t know of any RSS feeds, check this post out.”

  4. pastormarty Says:

    Pete, thanks for the prayer. No prob on the shout out. Love your blog.
    Jen, Ditto. And Perry is indeed right on. What a great post!
    Ian, you sir, are a genius and I hope one day that you can name all my blogs. I would also like to comment about one of yours. Maybe someday!

  5. […] post on Saturdays, but I just read this blog on a report I read yesterday.  So if you read this yesterday about Pastor Buddy from New York, you’ll love this today!  Have a great […]

  6. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Yeah, My buddy N (All of NT Wrights good friends call him “N” for short) were playing scrabble and discussing heaven. I shared some of my thoughts and he took the ideas and ran with them.

    Uhhm, just kidding.
    It was unbelievable, though, he was giving me just the answers I was looking for.

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