SMR, part 2 and Photo quiz, part 1

February 18, 2008

For the afternoon blog, instead of a funky video with my big mug, may I interest you in this little recap of Sunday Morning @ Fellowship?

I hope you’re having the most amazing day ever. I’ll also include some pics of several of my friends from Fellowship and around the world. I owe you a dollar if you can tell me the name of every single face on this blog.  Let me know here.

calisa-and-riley.jpg     martys-family-010.jpg    pepers.jpg   sunday-nite.jpg

amyskids.jpg   steve.jpg   guyswedding.jpg   martys-family-002.jpg



2 Responses to “SMR, part 2 and Photo quiz, part 1”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Uhhhm, I’ve got about half of the people in the photos. Anybody want to form a partnership and split that enormous dollar Marty’s offered?

  2. burns Says:

    Ok, here goes:

    1)your neices, I think
    2)brooke and your grandma
    3)Jim and Brandon Peper
    4)looks like you, jeff campbell, kerri (cousin from kentucky), dave huey, and on the left might be your cousin matt. it’s a small pic and hard to see
    5) Carie and 3 kids
    6) Stevie Mac
    7)you, ridgeway,stevie mac, simon, brandon, clay, and carie
    8) clay, his wife, and carie
    9)billy and blumer

    the only ones I’m not certain about are the kids and the guy on the left in the couch pic.

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