Sunday morning recap…

February 18, 2008

Some thoughts on Sunday Morning @ Fellowship:

*Does it always have to be cold in the winter?
*So looking forward to Al being around soon, and I can focus my life more.  I just had too much to do yesterday.
*Played with the band yesterday and we went the acoustic route. It was super sweet!
*Cj, Ben, Joel and I love playing together.  It was a blast.
*I think we, as a church, and me,as an individual, have room for improvement.
*Peter moved, Cornelius listened, God was glorified,and His kingdom advanced. (Acts 10)
*Steve, Jay, Billy, Al, and Jeff are amazing guys that I love working with to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 
*Really enjoyed watching all the Fellowshipping going on after the service. 
*The Link is happening next Sunday evening at 5!  If you want to register for it, feel free to that here.
*Enjoyed eating with Carie and several from my Fellowship Family at Moe’s after the service.  “Welcome to Moe’s!”

How was your Sunday?

Until next time…


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