What’s He trying to tell me?

February 19, 2008

“Do I need to pray more?” 

This is a question that I frequently ask myself.  This morning I’ve been bombarded with things online, in books, and in letters, that have talked about prayer, so now I’m wondering if God’s trying to get my attention.  If so, I’m all ears.

Already a few weeks ago, I was thinking that my communing with God needed to become more of a priority if I’m ever to succeed in this life.  That He must be my strength and my deliverer from forces and distractions that will inevitibly come my way, and attempt to push me away from Him.

Now this week at Fellowship we come up to a message that has been planned from some time on prayer, and my thoughts are focused on this wonderful privilege of talking to our Creator.  Also, with a friend, I’m reading this devotional by Charles Spurgeon.  Guess what today’s subject was?  Prayer.

Chuck, the cigar smoking preacher, opens up with the words, “Prayer is the forerunner of mercy.”  Oh man, that got my attention.  I can never receive enough mercy from the One who I wrong on so many occasions.  He goes on to talk of the Christ-following experience, and that so many times the blessings or favorable circumstances that bring us closer to God, like finding peace and assurance, are as a result of prayer.

Then another friend this week shares with me a letter he received from a friend of his in prison.  I wish that I could post this letter for you.  Maybe I’ll get permission and do it on a different day.  This man is broken and his letter reiks of brokenness and prayer and being led by the Spirit.  For sure, it was convicting (no pun intended).  At the end, in a half-humored way, he writes that maybe someday he’ll open a “prayer cell” (pun intended) where people will be locked up for a day or two with nothing but a Bible and 3 square meals. 

I came out of reading this letter very encouraged, and despite a bit of discouragement from over the weekend.  Thankfully Carie is on vacation and was able to encourage me like she always does.  And now all this stuff that God has put in my lap on prayer.  But the question is…

What’s He trying to tell me?

Until next time…


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