Dysfunction anyone?

February 20, 2008

I’ve been thinking about this book I read this summer/fall called, “The five dysfuctions of a team” by Patrick Lencioni. In it he spells out 5 major problems teams have in really wroking together the way a team should work together.  I’ll give you the 5 dysfunctions right here on my blog.

1.  Absence of trust
2.  Fear of conflict
3.  Lack of commitment
4.  Avoidance of Accountability
5.  Inattention to results

My initial feeling was that overcoming these obstacles would be easy. But they are not.  Not in any situation when our ego comes into play.

I was talking to a mentor of mine this week who was instructing me on all matters “team,” and he said that when one offers an environment of openness, he or she provides an opportunity to let people say what they think.  And what they think is their perception and that is real.

He then went on to joke about openness and said that “when one asks for what people think, they are getting free advice, and you get what you pay for.”

I’m working on all this at Fellowship Church because I want to be the best church in the history of New England and the US.  Along the way, there is going to need to be a lot of improvement in the way we do things,and this is going to take a lot of trust among our team – Jay, Steve, Al, Billy, Jeff, yours truly,and one person God has yet to be determined.

It’s also going to take getting over a fear of conflict and just saying what we think in a respectful, moving-forward way.  It will take commitment and a return to accountability.  And it will take attention to results.

I’m totally committed to this and to the future of “the FC” – my new personal nickname for our church.  (Let the bashing begin)  And along the way, there are going to be some uncomfortable moments, but that’s what the leader must go through some times – uncomfortable moments.

I believe the results will speak for themselves.

Until next time…


One Response to “Dysfunction anyone?”

  1. David Huey Says:

    great book – I give it a thumbs up

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