Sunday Morning Recap 14

February 25, 2008

Happy Monday!  Here is a recap of Sunday Morning @ Fellowship:

* I am so proud of the lead team at Fellowship. They work together every week, along with our volunteers to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
*How about that band?  Al is really growing as a worship leader, and the band sounds incredible.  They did a great job jammin’ out to the Happy Song!  This got the crowd moving.
*We announced yesterday on Easter that we would have a united service at 10:30 am
*Want to participate in the Guitar Hero Championships to raise funds for some of our family ministry volunteer to attend the orange conference?  I’m in.  If you’d like to be, check this out.
*Started a new series this week called, “Confessions of a pastor”. I confessed that sometimes I don’t feel like praying.  Sometimes this happens when relationship is strained.  Check these verses out.
*Had the Link last night.  Interesting dichotomy of good and bad.
*Start with bad = I had this whole idea/plan in my head.  It really didn’t pick up steam, and the logistics struggled.  This is what happens when a visionary person works on details.  I really needed to let more people in on the planning process. Won’t make that mistake again.  Uuugh.
*Finish with good = In the end, I was shocked to hear, though I was in stress mode, that people really enjoyed themselves, and that it really was an opportunity for people to meet other people at the FC they hadn’t previously met.
*Note to self = Never again use personality test for a time passer.
*Apology to everyone else = Please accept my apology for any personality test trauma.
*I’m really excited that Fellowship is bringing in new people and our church is welcoming them into our family.  A shout out to Fellowship for all their fellowship.  Let’s continue the vision God has given us!


5 Responses to “Sunday Morning Recap 14”

  1. Ian Says:

    Before I begin I want to say that this comment is a complaint about the Link. But I don’t want it to be like most complaints you find on the Internet (e.g. “teh Link sux0rs!!1”). It’s a complaint because I did not enjoy the link. In fact, I have some very negative feelings towards it. But I really want it to be constructive criticism. So Marty, if you feel attacked, I apologize. It is not my intent. In fact I think that in the four months you’ve been head pastor at Fellowship Church you’ve done a tremendous job. Sunday’s message was an amazing sermon, your best since the Riches. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

    In your post you mentioned that in the future you want to let more people in on the planning process. I think that is an excellent idea, and here is why: the Link last night was developed for people like you, not people like me. You are a very friendly, outgoing, joyful person. Every Sunday that I’ve come to Fellowship church you are out in the foyer, genuinely happy to see everyone who comes to church. But you aren’t overwhelming to people. You are the physical embodiment of a welcoming attitude. It’s something I admire about you. And so the Link is perfect for people like you. People who like meeting new people, like mixing it up, like doing interesting things with interesting people. People who do well in a spontaneous environment. And that’s great.

    But then there are people like me. I’m not antisocial, but I hate going to a new church because it requires learning a new order to the service and meeting a lot of people in short amount of time. And so, the first year I went to Fellowship church I did my best to not meet new people. Not because I didn’t like anyone there or because the people weren’t friendly, but because I needed to get comfortable with the environment I was in before I could open up to other people. And because I can only handle a limited number of social interactions before I need to go by myself and recharge. And so the Link was a horrible, awkward nightmare for people like me. I was constantly off balance and there was nowhere I could go to escape to calm down before going back in the fray.

    And so I think you need to have someone in on the plan who will consider whether people like me will be drawn in and captivated by the event, or sucked into a maelstrom and hurled out the other side. It’s not that you can’t do things like last night, but there has to be a way for people who aren’t into that kind of thing to sit aside while it happens and rejoin the group once it’s over. One of the points of last night was undoubtedly to get people out of their comfort zone. And I agree that that is a good thing. In fact I’d say that it is a much needed thing. But I don’t think that people just have a comfort zone and and uncomfortable zone. I believe people also have a danger zone. In the uncomfortable zone, people will still do what is required of them although probably with hesitation. In the danger zone, people will do absolutely whatever it takes to leave the danger zone and make sure that they are never put into that situation again.

    If the Link is supposed to be a tool we can use to get people connected into the church it needs to allow people to disengage before becoming overwhelmed. Last night felt like it was all or nothing, which is why I was forced to choose nothing.

  2. Randy Elrod Says:


    Wow! Just read the previous comment. God bless the ministry.

    Mine is short and sweet. I love your blog and you are following me on Twitter.

    I would like to ask you to exchange bloglinks. I see you have my blogchild ragamuffinsoul.

    I have linked you. My link at Ethos is:


  3. pastormarty Says:

    Well, some excellent feedback and a new friend so far on the blog. Ian, I just wish you would have told it to me straight! Haha, just a bit of a joke before I responded.
    Actually, I’m going to respond by telling you that I couldn’t agree with you more. As soon as we started, I foresaw the problems and I appreciate your honesty (and compliments) in your comments. In the future, I will include others (specifically who are not like me) in the planning process as we seek to make better environments to connect people at “the FC”. Thanks for your thoughts, and my apologies (and a refund) for your bummed night.
    Randy, you are officially on my blogroll, and my rss reader now. Way more communication than Twitter. btw, did you oversee a conference recently?

  4. Tina Says:

    ok, my comment is about The Link also. My feelings are similar to Ian’s in that I am not good when called upon to do something in a big crowd. As soon as I hear that I want to crawl under my seat! I thought the Oscar themed night was a good idea and the decorations were cool. I wish that theme could have been carried on through the night.
    Thank you for the apology for filling out the papers!
    I thought the whole idea itself was good and would have been better in an intimate setting like a life group itself.
    I did like how you sat at different tables and got to know more people than the people you see every week at your own life group. I have always liked that idea better than sitting with everyone you know.
    The food was great!
    I think the Link, yes, my opinion, is better when we are entertained and not the entertainment. It is more relaxing for people like me to know from the beginning i won’t have to “do” anything, just meet new people. Which is what it is about, right? meeting new people to attract them into life groups.

  5. pastormarty Says:

    Hey Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Tryston, wrote this on a comment in my myspace blog: “I had fun filling out the test! I had alot of fun @ the Link, and even more fun acting in the play!! Shall we be seeing it on Youtube?”
    And to this, I say, it’s very possible Tryston!

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