The last shot

February 26, 2008

Yesterday’s lively discussion about the Link was great, and I’m pumped about some great ideas we now have for the future of this amazing event.
Billy had some thoughts on the service and the Link you might want to check out.

And now, an interesting story.  Yesterday afternoon Carie and I had some extra time, so we hung out and chilled.  It was a great time!  We went out together because I had a basketball game in the evening.  After our mini-date, I headed for home to get changed and go play some basketball for my team that has been beaten by 40 and 20. (But we’re getting progressively better). 

The game started out as both of the others had, with the other team not being able to miss, and our team not being able to place the orange spherical object in the horizontal metal hole.  But slowly but surely, our team came together, and we began to dominate post play, which really helped our guards get out on their shooters and they were shutdown from about 5 minutes left in the first half until about 10 minutes were left in the game.

The problem was we still couldn’t hit a good amount of our shots, and so the game remained close after we had come back from an 11 point deficit.  One of the brighter spots in our game was the awakening of my good friend Scott Herzig.

The man became on fire, draining layups and 3 pointers in a beautiful display of basketball marksmanship not yet seen by our team this year.  Our low post guys, myself included, communicated and did a great job keeping the ball out of the middle for easy shots, then when our guards shut down their 1 or maybe 2 shooters, life was good.

We went up by 3 with 2 minutes left in the game, then we forgot how to win, because we continually gave the ball back so they could attempt to get some shots off and foul shots.  We did this by means of travelling, fouling, turning the ball over, and (yours truly) grabbing the ball and allowing it to slip out of our hands and to the other team. 

Eventually we found ourselves in a position where we were down by 3 points with 6 seconds to go,and all of their 6 points were from foul shots (though they missed about 10 during the same time period).  I was totally reminded of this story.

The ball was inbounded to me at half court, and I was going to pass it off to Scott, who no doubt would have put the ball in the hole to win, but he was well-covered.  So I took the shot from about 4 steps past the 3-point line and with about 4 seconds on the clock. The shot was just short and I ran inside to help with the rebound.  This was unnecessary however as the rebound went to Tim, my teammate, who lobbed it back out to me.

I had no clue how much time was on the clock, so I dribbled, took a step back, and launched what would be the last shot of the game. 

This afternoon on my afternoon video blog, I’ll tell you what happened.

tca-ballers.jpg  I’m the tall one in the middle.  My best friend in high school, Clay, is the second to the right on the front row.  This year, our team went 18-3. Good times!

TCA Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders at my high school.  Someone had put this on a facebook account.  Holy early 90’s!

  tca-jh.jpg  Let the “Wonder Years” jokes begin.  January, 1988

Until next time… < The last shot, part 2


2 Responses to “The last shot”

  1. […] you might recall, the ball was inbounded with 6.1 seconds left.  I grabbed the ball thinking that I would dish it […]

  2. […] able to attend.  As you may recall, our team now has been beaten by 40 points, 20 points and in this post, 1 point.  Our team rallied around one another last night to win in an impressive 11 point […]

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