Your ten next songs

March 7, 2008

I got this idea from  here.  So let’s have it.  If you have an iPod or iTunes or any kind of MP3 player – press the ‘random play’ function and let me know the first 10 songs that it plays… Its a really fun game!! I’ll do it first:

10.  Stars – Larue
9.    Tenderness – All Star United
8.    Undo me – Jennifer Knapp
7.    Gravity – John Mayer Trio
6.    Freedom – Nicole C Mullen
5.    Breathing Air Again – Robbie Seay Band
4.    Reasons – Bleach
3.    Father’s World – The OC Supertones
2.    Bubbly – Colbie Caillet
1.    Let you down – Three Days Grace

Ok, your turn.  What’s your next ten?


Until next time…


Dear Ryan Seacrest,

You are a machine.  The world knows that you are a host that talks eloquently and straightforward, and never lets anything frustrate you, but you need to remember something.  Yes, you do work with a guy that believes that everyone is a “dog” and that the beginning of every song stinks, but it gets better as time goes on.  And you do work with a woman who is as normal as Michael Jackson on mushrooms and sports the vocabulary of my 6 year old nephew.  Not to mention a grumpy, mean talent finder.

But your problem is that that grumpy, mean talent finder is your boss.  He’s the guy who made you, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, and even William Hung very famous, and a whole lot of money.

So why do you constantly crack on the guy? Like tonight, when you rapped on him about his lack of intimacy and a few other blunders, is this a ploy to get more ratings, to get more laughs, or to get more people to like you better than him?  I can only guess that Simon’s talented mind has put you and Randy and Paula up to cracking on him throughout the show in order to create conflict, because the truth is, there is no doubt, that none of you would be anywhere near as popular as you are, if it were not for Simon Cowell.

Constantly my friends rant about how horrible he is to people and how tactless he is, and I wonder if they have seen how their fave celebs will be treated and criticized and used up by the media.  Is Simon really so bad, or is he really the only one preparing them for what their future may be anyway?

So Mr. Secrest, before you lay your head down on your pillow tonight, I think you should either pick up your telephone and call Simon right now, apologizing to him for mistreating him if you did it on your own, or thanking him for giving you a chance you may never have gotten, if he put you up to the “Simon Slams.”  Either way, American Idol would be another faded, washed up reality show without him.


Marty Holman

p.s.  I voted for David Cook tonight

Today in new England we’re about to get hit with a whole weekend of snow.  I believe this is connected with the lack of snow we’ve had before Christmas for the last two years, so we’re about to get crushed over the next 3 days.  This is not bad news.  But I am asking God to move the snow away from Sunday morning.  He hasn’t got back to me yet.

To commemorate this weekend, however, I will be sharing my fave top ten recorded Christmas songs with their respective artists.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy them.  But if not…you might be a scrooge.

10. All I want for Christmas is you. (Mariah Carey) – Listen, when she wrote it in 1994, I thought she was talking about me.

9.  Celebration (Mannheim Steamroller)  So classic. 

8.  Christmastime (Michael W Smith) – I used to stand in front of the mirror at college, and secretly mimic the fact that I was Smitty singing this Christmas tune in front of thousands.

7.  The Christmas Shoes (Newsong) – I love this song so much, it would be higher on the list, but I’m afraid you’d listen to it and start crying.

6.  Christmas is all in the heart (Steven Curtis Chapman) – I first heard this song in a log cabin in the backwoods of Georgia with light flakes of snow falling over a Georgia hillside.

5.  Christmas Time is here (Vince Guaraldi Trio) – I think of Charlie Brown.  I think of the Peanuts.  I think of presents. I think of Christmas.  And it’s all this songs fault.

4.  I celebrate the day (Reliant K) – The best Christmas song you’ve never heard of, because its from a punk band.

3. Baby, it’s cold outside (Dean Martin) – This song was so taken over by Will Farrell and his counterpart in the movie “Elf”.  But it’s a great one!

2.  O Holy Night (Sister Hazel) – One of the greatest combinations of all time, The story of Jesus and Sister Hazel.  Check out Hazel’s new album, “Santas Playlist” here.

1.  The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole) – This song.  Unbelievable.

Friends, enjoy the holiday.  My plea to you is to make the whole thing about Christ.  It’s not easy, but it will be worth it.

Top 25 most played song

November 14, 2007

Here’s a list of my top 25 most played songs on itunes.  This doesn’t mean I actually have listened to the songs this many times, but its a combination of when I listen to the songs and when I put my controls on party shuffle and “let ‘er play”.  Do you like these songs?

25.  Mr. Jones, Counting Crows, “August and everything after”

24.  The Glory of Your name, Christy Nichols, Passion:  How great is our God

23.  Wonderful, Everclear

22.  Somewhere I belong, Linkin Park, Meteora

21.  Bigger than my body, John Mayer, Heavier Things

20.  Be Yourself, Audioslave, Out of exile

19.  Walk on, U2, All that you can’t leave behind

18.  Surrender, Sister Hazel, Lift

17.  Wholly Yours, David Crowder Band, A Collision

16.  This is how a heart breaks, Rob Thomas, This is how a heart breaks

15.  Falling out, Reliant K, 2 lefts don’t make a right…but three do

14.  Bittersweet, Jake Holman, Far and Few Between

13.  Do not move, David Crowder Band, A Collision

12.  Vertigo, U2, How to dismantle an atomic bomb

11.  Unknown, Lifehouse, No Name Face

10.  So great a salvation, The OC Supertones, Supertones Strike Back

9.  Missions flame, Matt Redman, Passion:  How great is our God

8.  Vitamin R (leading us along), Chevelle, This type of thinking will do us in

7.  Better Days, Robie Seay Band, Better Days

6.  Without you, Third Day, Wherever you are

5.  Till I see You, United Live, Look to You

4.  Your Grace is enough, Chris Tomlin, Arriving

3.  On the way down, Ryan Cabrera, On the way down

2.  Take you back, Jeremy Camp, Restored

And the number 1 most played song on my itunes is:

1.  Falling into Black, Skillet, Comatose

Thanks for joining me on this musical journey.  Whats your favorite song?

Until next time…