Super Powers

March 5, 2008

   I’m off to my phone booth

 Two things I like:  Movies and TV shows filmed from different angles and viewpoints (Vantage Point & Crash) and movies and shows about men and women who have travelled this world immortally through generation and generations (Highlander & New Amsterdam).  Included in this list are movies and TV shows where someone’s super powers are the central theme of the show (Smallville & Spiderman & every other Marvel comic movie)

I’ve been thinking about why I & so many others like these projects so much, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion.  We enjoy playing God.  And these types of media are like the apple hanging from the tree, and it’s just out of our reach.  But at least we can watch.

Currently, the only person I know for sure that has the power to travel through time or to be everywhere at once or to climb tall buildings (should he choose to) is God, and it’s no secret that most of us envy, not only his position, but his abilities to “do whatever he wants.”

And we cannot.  But we wish we could.

So there’s this incredible tension that exists inside of us that cannot be quenched by the climax of a two hour flick at the theater down the street with overpriced food or the cliffhanger of 41 minutes of an episide of Lost.  The tension leaves the theater or the couch with us and stays in our minds, wishing that we too could “jump” from Main street to a Wall Street bank or that a plane crash survival was possible because being “lost” on a deserted island with Jack, Kate, or Sawyer couldn’t be all bad, right?

The only thing I know for sure is this:  That humankind, if given the opportunity for any of these types of God-like gifts, would more than likely ruin itself altogether if we had them.  Look what we’ve done with what we have.

This has been a thought I’ve had for “Watercooler Wednesday”  with Randy Elrod.

Until next time…